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Digital Billboards have brought advertising to a whole new level. With the latest eye-catching LED technology, LED billboards have opened up a whole new level for the outdoor advertising industry. With their lightweight design, high level of durability, and long lifetimes LED billboards now allow billboards to go mobile!

So instead of people driving past the billboards, now the billboards drive past the people!

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Superior Branding & Advertising

When you see a Roadrunner Digital truck, you remember it. We offer a truly unique form of advertising.

The Highest Level of Visability

There is no other method of advertising in the marketplace that will turn more heads. Period.

Extremely Affordable

Low cost branding and advertising is the cornerstone of our vision, business idea and concept.

  • Private Campaigns
  • Event Entertainment
  • Daily Advertising

Private Campaigns

We drive weekdays (Tue-Fri) from 8:30am to 5:30pm in North Pinellas hitting the morning, lunch and evening rush-hour commuter traffic for our Co-op Local Advertising Campaign. When the truck is not being used for Co-op Advertising the truck is available for private rental weekday evenings after 5:30pm, and on weekends.

People easily and often switch TV channels and radio stations in order to avoid commercials. They flip past print ads in newspapers and magazines and ignore banner ads on the web. Truck advertising is one media consumers can't tune out and don't seem to want to.

General Motors conducted focus groups to measure audience response and estimated over 90% of the occupants in adjacent vehicles notice graphic advertising on trucks. The majority of those surveyed expressed positive impressions toward the advertiser and the brand. Another study, by a research firm supported these findings in a recall test. Consumers said that when they saw truck-side advertising that they had an overall positive impression about the advertiser.

Whether you need to advertise a short-term event or get your business or product in front of a large audience in an ongoing campaign, the Roadrunner Digital Advertising and Entertainment trucks will get your offerings in front of your target market for pennies on the dollar.

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Event Entertainment

We participate in numerous events throughout Tampa Bay all year long. The truck's large screens are used by event producers as an extra amenity to the event itself by providing live video streaming, playing video clips, promoting future upcoming events, promoting the events sponsors, showing movies, playing live sporting events, serving as a screen for concerts and stage events, and even used to play video games like the Wii or Playstation and so much more. Playing Wii bowling off the side of the truck is a fan favorite! Essentially anything that can be shown on a normal television set or on a computer monitor can be shown on the big screens of the Roadrunner Digital truck.

This provides a perfect opportunity for local businesses to advertise at extremely low rates at events that they may otherwise not have a presence. Advertising rates average from $50 to $300 per day of the event depending on the event, the venue, the size of the expected crowd and more. There simply is no more effective way to get in front of thousands of attendees than by advertising at a local event here in Tampa Bay.

Visit our online Events Calendar to see past events that we've participated in. Also check out upcoming events that you can advertise at and what the individual rates for those events are. OR subscribe to our email distribution list to get immediate emailed alerts for future events as they come up.

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Daily Advertising in North Pinellas

We drive weekdays (Tue-Fri) from 8:30am to 5:30pm in North Pinellas hitting the morning, lunch and evening rush-hour commuter traffic for our Co-op Local Advertising in North Pinellas. Advertisers are also broadcasted on our website, on all of our social media outlets, email blasts, and distributed personally at public venues. There is a GPS tracker on the truck and advertisers can view where the truck is at any time.

Our goal is to offer the most visible branding and advertising option available at the most affordable rates possible.

There are thirty-six advertising spots available. Each spot runs for ten seconds. At maximum capacity (36 total spots multiplied by 10 seconds) the entire advertising cycle would run a total of six minutes before looping continuously throughout the day. One advertiser’s ad is displayed on all three sides (driver side = 7’x14’, passenger side = 7’x14’, and on the back door = 7’x7’screens) of the truck at the same time. We can create ads for you at no additional cost, or you can provide your own. Ads can be swapped out at any time throughout the contract, and as many times as you like. If you purchase more than one ad spot they can be graphically different or all the same for maximum branding effect.

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Our Advertising Family

We value each and every one of our monthly advertisers and see them as members of the Roadrunner Digital Family rather than simply as clients. We do all we can to make sure that each and every one of them is promoted in every way we can; on the truck, on the internet through our website and all of our social media sites, in our email blasts, in our printed materials, and of course mouth-to-mouth. Becoming part of the Roadrunner Digital Family is so much more than simply advertising off the side of a truck.